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Eutierria Hotel

Situated in Warrenheip, on the outskirts of the rural city of Ballarat, Euterria Hotel is set to become a landmark building adjacent to the key Western Highway route. A strong contextual response is formed through the building’s integration with the landscape and its earthy materiality.

Aspects of biophilic design are used to increase the connectivity occupants feel to the natural environment by incorporating the existing folds of the land into the architecture.


63 Mahers Road, Ballarat Vic

Project Type

90 rooms plus various internal
and external public spaces

Building Size


Build status

Commencing for 2022


Hachem Architecture
Cornetta Partners

Project value


The parametric façade gives the building a graceful curvature and provides each room with a sense of individuality.

The architecture is designed to reflect the surrounding topography, which features gentle rolling hills, and to soften the transition between the farming areas and the beginning of the city’s commercial zone. In this sense, Eutierria appears to be a natural and logical product of its environment.

Eutierria is an innovative application of modular design that adds to Ballarat’s rich and varied architectural vernacular.

Rooms take on their own identity with discrete elements of modular construction used to create privacy and homeliness.

Rooms are decorated in warm, earthy materials and colours, which serve to complement and amplify the natural terrain outside. Full length feature windows take in the appealing scenery and surrounds of the Eutierria Hotel, and ensure each room is flooded with natural light.

The ground floor restaurant, parking, lobby, recreation and service area is seemingly encased in a natural rise on the site, evoking the sense this building is an innate part of its landscape.

Coming soon.